The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Electric Actuators

2019-05-05 15:42:29 Simon 10464


Electric actuator can also be called the electric actuator. A rotary or linear motion drive power for driving energy and running operations in the role of a control signal. Here compared to the introduction of electric actuators have advantages and disadvantages, should be able to make you a more intuitive understanding of the range of products.

Electric actuator advantages: access to energy will find it easier, faster transmission signal, the signal transmission distance, in order to concentrate on operating control; accuracy, sensitivity is relatively high, and other electric adjustable instrument with convenient and easy to operate, simple to install wiring; use the results prove, good anti-deviation from the ability of electric actuators, torque or thrust output is almost constant and can do to overcome the media's unbalanced force to ensure that achieve the precise control of process parameters, so the control accuracy of the product compared to pneumatic actuators slightly; if equipped with a servo amplifier can easily achieve positive, the exchange reaction can also easily set the signal state of the valve position, as in the event of a failure, it must be remain in place, this ability is a pneumatic actuator products can not be achieved, to secure his position shall be by means of pneumatic actuators with combined protection system function.

Electric actuator Disadvantages: only applies to the place of proof less demanding, the lack of gas source. Relatively complex structure, a small thrust, the average failure rate is higher than the pneumatic actuator, due to the structural complexity of the problem, the technical requirements of the site maintenance personnel is relatively high; the motor is running will produce heat, adjust the frequency of large, easy to create overheating of the motor, also increases the wear of reduction gear; slow running, the output signal from the regulator to the valve response exercise to a specified location, often time-consuming more and more compared to the pneumatic or hydraulic actuators shown inadequate.



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